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The LEO First Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

In Episode 34 of our podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Christopher Bates, a dedicated constable serving in Jefferson County. Known simply as "Chris" to many, Chris shared his remarkable journey in a small city as a constable.

With 15 years of experience in law enforcement, Chris' path to becoming a constable wasn't always straightforward. Initially, his first career choice was to become an elementary school teacher, but life had different plans. He candidly discussed the fact that police work isn't suited for everyone, and his family's reaction to his career choice was one of understanding and lack of surprise.

As the eldest of six siblings, Chris understands the importance of setting a positive example. He shared insights into the moral complexities faced by law enforcement officers when dealing with individuals who often know they are doing wrong.

Respect, a fundamental aspect of his role as a constable, became a significant talking point. He acknowledged how, despite thinking he knew everything, especially after working the graveyard shift, he came to realize that there was always more to learn.

Chris' dedication to his community was evident through his involvement in various events and initiatives, from scholarship programs to supporting local youth. He initiated a scholarship program in 2015, which has since awarded $30,000 in scholarships. He is even considering pursuing a doctorate to further his contributions.

Throughout the episode, Chris emphasized the importance of a strong support system, highlighting the critical roles played by his mom, dad, and grandparents. He acknowledged that a solid foundation is crucial for success.

As the discussion continued, Chris explained the role of a constable, the oldest law enforcement agency in Texas, which has been in existence for over two centuries. He detailed the responsibilities, including bailiff duties in the courts and overseeing civil processes.

Motivated by the opportunity to help people and driven by his unwavering support for his community, Chris emphasized the importance of understanding and support in his line of work.

To connect with Constable Christopher Bates, you can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For official matters in Jefferson County Precinct 2, you can reach out via email.

In conclusion, Chris shared some final words of wisdom. He revealed that speaking candidly and openly about his experiences is a form of therapy for him. His advice to others is to find their passion and place in their community, fostering a sense of purpose and making a positive impact.

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