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The LEO First Podcast

Jan 23, 2024

Tune in to Episode 41 of the LEO First Podcast for an illuminating conversation with the seasoned law enforcement veteran, Bob Stewart. With 28 years of active service and a wealth of experience, Bob takes us on a journey through the underbelly of policing, sharing insights from his fascinating career.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh and an alum of Howard University, Bob's path into policing was anything but conventional. From his early days in the MOD squad to navigating the challenges when radios were not as reliable, Bob reflects on the twists of fate that shaped his career.

As a consultant, Bob is now building a new organization, assembling a team of executives for success. He discusses the intricacies of consent decrees, racial profiling expertise, and the pivotal moments that define policing. Discover his unique approach to crime mitigation, crime reduction, and accountability, and gain valuable perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement.

Bob also opens up about his love for NASCAR, his favorite decade (the '70s), and his commitment to helping future police leaders through the sergeants' exam. In this episode, he addresses contemporary issues, including the concept of defunding the police, proposing innovative solutions for mental health crisis interventions and the involvement of college students in call responses.

For those seeking to go deeper into Bob's insights, don't miss the magic moment when he candidly asks, "Can I speak freely?" Bobcat Consulting, designed for supervisors and managers, takes center stage as a valuable resource for leadership development and police training.

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