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The LEO First Podcast

Jan 9, 2024

In our milestone 40th episode, we welcome Lyndsay Taylor, a dedicated officer with 5 years part-time and 2 years full-time experience at the Upper Uwchlan Township Police Department, starting in 2022. Lyndsay wears many hats as a daughter, sister, and someone juggling four jobs, shouldering the heavy responsibility of her badge while navigating the challenges of mental health within her community.

Join us as Lyndsay opens up about the realities of patrolling an area marked by homelessness and drug addiction. She shares how 95% of her time is spent ensuring the safety of her community and reflects on her seven years at Temple University.

How does one manage four jobs without succumbing to burnout and stress? Lyndsay found her sanctuary in the gym, committing to a consistent routine for the past 18 months. Discover her approach to mentoring, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the mindset that got her into the academy.

Lyndsay's dedication extends beyond her professional life, as she engages in self-defense and dry-firing drills. She shares insights from the Female Mindset Conference and the positive impact of her social media presence on Instagram and TikTok.

Tune in as Lyndsay discusses the significance of body cams, highlighting that they capture only the action, not the full story. She expresses sadness about society's inability to respond appropriately and considers the potential effects on future calls.

In the final segment, Lyndsay leaves us with her thoughts on reaching out and encourages listeners to think deeply about the world around them. Connect with her on Instagram and join us for an enlightening conversation about balancing responsibilities, empowering mindsets, and navigating the complexities of serving and protecting. #PoliceLife #MindsetEmpowerment #FemaleOfficer #theLEOfirstPodcast #developthepolice