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The LEO First Podcast

Dec 12, 2023

Join us on the LEO First Podcast as we sit down with Randall Doizaki, a seasoned law enforcement professional with an impressive 23-year career at the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. Randall brings a unique perspective, having also served four years as a sergeant in the Marines, and he currently coaches law enforcement personnel to reach their full potential.

In this episode, Randall takes us on a journey through his distinguished career in the Marine Corps, emphasizing the importance of starting with the end in mind and the value of having a well-thought-out plan in place. 

Randall's journey is marked by resilience, having undergone three shoulder surgeries and hand surgery. He holds a degree in HR, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning. Randall opens up about a personal experience as a kidnapping victim, shedding light on the challenges he faced and overcame.

As the conversation unfolds, Randall addresses the concept of "sheepdogs" and whether this protective instinct still exists in our society. Special guests Jeff and Vinny Montez are teased as potential future podcast guests, promising even more fascinating discussions.

We explore Randall's thoughts on the realities of being of Japanese descent in law enforcement and the importance of cultivating friendships outside of the profession. Discover his passion for racquetball and his views on vulnerable leadership in the law enforcement community.

Connect with Randall on LinkedIn for more insights into his wealth of knowledge. Don't miss this engaging episode filled with wisdom, personal anecdotes, and valuable perspectives on a career in public service. Read more about Randall's journey and leadership principles as we explore the multi-faceted world of law enforcement.

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