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The LEO First Podcast

Dec 5, 2023

In this compelling episode of the LEO First Podcast, we are honored to host Dina Campbell, a dedicated NYPD police officer with 12 years of experience. Join us as we explore Dina's unique journey, navigating the challenges of a law enforcement career while balancing the roles of a mother, wife, and advocate for mental health.

In this candid conversation, we explore the intricacies of Dina's daily life, including her role as a part-time babysitter, the juggling act of work, and providing unwavering support to her children. Commuting for an hour daily adds an extra layer of complexity, but Dina reveals her backup plans and strategies for maintaining balance.

Despite facing financial challenges, Dina harbored dreams of becoming a financial planner. We explore how her aspirations evolved amidst the demands of her family life and the unforeseen tragedy that struck two months after her graduation when a close friend and colleague took his own life.

Dina opens up about her personal struggle with postpartum anxiety, shedding light on the stigma that deterred her from seeking help. The turning point came when she reached out to a friend for support, emphasizing the crucial role of mental health in the first responder community.

Discover how Dina became involved in the Employee Assistance Unit and the Peer Support Unit, where she shares her experiences dealing with her daughter's accident, navigating the rumor mill, and advocating for mental health awareness.

Throughout the episode, Dina reflects on her faith, her sense of control amidst negativity and low morale, and her commitment to being the change. She leaves us with valuable insights on the discipline of asking, listening, encouraging, and following up with peers, emphasizing the importance of building a supportive community.

Join us for this inspiring episode as we explore Dina's journey of being flawed yet faithful, proving that even in the face of challenges, one can emerge stronger and make a positive impact. 

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