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The LEO First Podcast

Oct 31, 2023

In Episode 33, we have the privilege of sitting down with Daryell Harmon, Vice President of Sales at ASP.  Daryell's journey is one of inspiration and resilience, marked by his roles as a father, grandfather, and dedicated law enforcement officer.

Before stepping into his current role, Daryell spent 13 years with the Dallas Police Department, focusing on crimes against children. He shares the importance of following the code and rules in this challenging field, highlighting the critical role law enforcement plays in dysfunctional households.

Daryell reflects on two life-changing incidents that helped define his character and the formation of his "Spartan shield" mentality. He believes in dividing the pain and multiplying the joy, drawing inspiration from historical figures like Attila the Hun.

We explore Daryell's journey towards physical fitness, where he has made impressive strides, losing 45 pounds in January despite a concussion in October 2022.  He emphasizes the significance of accountability groups, setting goals, and the power of falling forward.

Throughout the episode, Daryell shares valuable advice for new officers, stressing the importance of seeking continuous training. ASP, where he now works, offers free training opportunities for law enforcement professionals.

Daryell's journey from working at a lumber yard, earning just $2.5 an hour, to his current leadership position is a testament to his determination and growth mindset.

For those looking to connect with Daryell, he can be found on LinkedIn or reached via email through ASP.

Join us for an inspiring conversation about leadership, resilience, and self-improvement with Daryell Harmon, as we explore the challenges and triumphs of his remarkable journey.

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