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The LEO First Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

In Episode 31 of our podcast, we sit down with Tyrone Davis, a dedicated 27-year veteran in law enforcement, to understand his remarkable journey from the streets of New York City to his current role as Assistant Chief for the Seattle Police Department.

Tyrone shares his upbringing, born to parents from the Virgin Islands and his move to Houston at the tender age of 12, eventually settling in Washington. His journey includes an unforgettable encounter with the police when he was pulled over by a black DPS officer while cruising in a 1980s Ford Mustang. Surprisingly, Tyrone had no prior experience with law enforcement and initially aspired to become an attorney or prosecutor.

Throughout the episode, we explore Tyrone's impressive career trajectory. Tyrone candidly discusses the challenges he faces today, including navigating settlement agreements and securing budgets for his department.

Tyrone's passion for community building and 21st Century Policing shines through as he talks about initiatives such as National Night Out in Seattle. He offers insights into the complexities of policing, acknowledging the contradictions between aspirations and realities.

We also explore the vital topic of keeping a motivated and engaged team in the demanding world of law enforcement. Tyrone shares his strategies for keeping his team informed, involved, and valued, even in the face of challenges. He opens up about his own experiences with work-life balance and the importance of understanding and accommodating the needs of his personnel.

Diversity and inclusion, grooming standards, and the imperative of a forward-thinking culture shift within law enforcement are all part of this enriching conversation with Tyrone Davis.

You can connect with Tyrone on LinkedIn for more insights and updates on his journey.

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