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The LEO First Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

In this engaging episode, join Bryan Dobbs, a seasoned leader with an impressive background as the CEO of Live Wire Motivation and a Senior Deputy Assistant Director for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Bryan's unique journey from his upbringing in Long Beach, California, to his cross-country moves, has left a profound impact on both him and his family. With a remarkable 25-year career in corrections, Bryan has held various significant leadership positions that have significantly influenced his perspective on leadership and mental health within the corrections field.

During the episode, Bryan delves into the diverse aspects of his experience, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of different workplace generations. He provides valuable insights into how training initiatives can enhance retention rates across all organizational levels. Bryan's depth of knowledge and expertise highlight the importance of adaptive leadership strategies in an ever-evolving field like corrections.

Bryan's passion for fostering positive change and his commitment to improving mental health within corrections are evident throughout the discussion. As a forward-looking leader, he draws on his wealth of experience to uncover the intersections of leadership, personal growth, and institutional transformation.

For those interested in gaining further insights from Bryan Dobbs, you can connect with him on LinkedIn at Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation—tune in now to discover valuable takeaways and perspectives that can resonate across various fields and industries.