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The LEO First Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

Introducing a captivating episode featuring Ernie Stevens, a retired member of the San Antonio Police Department, who unveils his remarkable journey in law enforcement and sheds light on the transformative wellness program he pioneered back in 2008. Through this episode, you'll gain a deep understanding of how Ernie's program revolutionized not only the police department but also his personal life.

Discover how Ernie's journey led him to the creation of a groundbreaking wellness initiative that had a significant impact on law enforcement practices. With a focus on mental health and self-care, Ernie's program marked a turning point in how officers approached their well-being, ultimately contributing to enhanced community policing.

Intriguingly, Ernie's story doesn't stop there. The acclaimed HBO Documentary, "Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops," brought his experiences to a broader audience, shedding light on the crucial role of mental health and de-escalation techniques in law enforcement. Ernie's passion and insights also found their way into the pages of his book, "Mental Health and De-escalation," which delves further into his philosophy and approach.

As a vocal advocate for law enforcement officers' self-care, Ernie continues to emphasize the importance of officer well-being. His impact extends to his online presence, where you can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter, or explore his website for more information. To delve even deeper into his teachings, you can find his book, "Mental Health and De-escalation," available for purchase on Amazon.

Don't miss this captivating episode as Ernie Stevens shares his inspiring story, discusses the evolution of his wellness program, and underscores the significance of mental health in law enforcement. Tune in now to gain invaluable insights from a visionary who's changing the narrative in policing.